Advances in Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) models


Philippe Davy, University of Rennes 1, CNRS, France
Jeffrey De’Haven Hyman, LANL, US
Adriana Paluszny, Imperial College London, UK


The DFN approach is an efficient framework to link the description of the rock fracture structure to flow, transport or mechanical modeling in fractured rocks. The challenges are numerous, and concern both the geometrical/statistical description of fracture networks (3D multiscale characterization, data assembly, etc.) and the development of models able to take into account the intrinsic multiscale complexity of DFN. DFN modeling has a wide range of applications including safety assessement for nuclear waste disposal, aquifer management, hydrocarbon extraction, geothermal energy, etc.. In this session, we encourage both theoretical or conceptual modeling on DFN models, numerical developments, as well as data-driven case studies.


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