Advances in Numerical Solvers for Water Resources Applications


Carol Woodward, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
Géraldine Pichot, Inria, France
Mario Putti, University of Padova, Italy


The ever increasing demand for higher fidelity simulations leads to new requirements for the numerical methods that lie at the heart of these simulations. They must be able to take into account new and more realistic geometries, be able to interface with geologic modelers, solve larger and more ill-conditioned problems and adapt the discretization parameters (in space, and in time) to the particular features of the solution.

This session will gather submissions on topics such as
– geologic modeling, mesh generation, mesh adaptation;
– reduced order modeling;
– multi-physics and multi-scale modeling;
– novel discretization techniques, including methods for non simplicial or non hexahedral meshes, compatible discretization methods;
– adaptive methods in space or in time;
– linear and non-linear solvers, new preconditioning methods, parallel implementation
– applications of those methodologies to challenging water resources problems.

Applications in surface hydrology, groundwater, water quality, and meteorology are encouraged.

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