Characterizing and modeling solid-solution reactivity: from atoms to pore networks


Damien Daval, CNRS / University of Strasbourg, France
Ian C. Bourg, Princeton University, US
Linda Luquot, CNRS / University of Montpellier, France

Featured Speakers

Inna Kurganskaya, Universität Bern, Institute of Geological Sciences, Switzerland


The advent of 3D imaging, spectroscopic and molecular modeling techniques is providing unprecedented understanding of the physicochemical processes occurring at the fluid-solid interface. Over the last two decades, the reactivity of solids in aqueous media has been characterized and modeled over the whole spectrum of length scales, ranging from the atomic- (e.g., atom probe tomography, nanotomography / molecular dynamics) to the pore network scale (e.g., X-ray microtomography / reactive transport experiments and modeling) through the crystal habit scale (e.g., vertical scanning interferometry / kinetic Monte Carlo simulations), enabling to confirm and/or revisit the mechanisms and kinetics of fluid-solid interactions. This session aims at bringing together novel studies dedicated to the investigation of fluid-solid interactions from the atomic to the field scale, either from an experimental or modeling perspective. Contributions that combine both experimental and modeling aspects with implications for predicting solid reactivity across space and/or time scales are especially encouraged.

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