Fractured rock hydromechanics and seismicity


Frédéric Cappa, Université Côte d’Azur, Géoazur, France
Marie Violay, EPFL, Switzerland
Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Olivier Lengliné, EOST, Strasbourg, France

Featured Speakers

François Henri Cornet, EOST, Strasbourg, France
Grzegorz Kwiatek, GFZ, Postdam, Germany
Pierre Dublanchet, Ecole des Mines Paris Tech, Paris, France


The interaction between fluid flow and deformation in fractured rocks gives rise to a host of hydromechanical couplings, which form the basis of a number of interesting scientific challenges, involving a spectrum of seismic and aseismic processes. These hydromechanical couplings are particularly important for understanding of the stability of underground energy storage sites (geothermal systems, CO2 sequestration, unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, wastewater disposal) as well as for the assessment of geological hazards (natural and induced earthquakes, landslides). In this session, we solicit contributions from detailed laboratory and in-situ experiments as well as numerical studies that focus on recent progress on the description of fractured rock hydromechanics and the implications both for natural and human-induced seismicity.

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