Mixing and Reaction Across Scales in Subsurface Environments

Marco Dentz, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, CSIC, Spain
Tanguy Le Borgne, University of Rennes 1, OSUR, France


Multiscale physical and chemical heterogeneity control dispersion, mixing and biogeochemical transformations in the subsurface, which in turn may affect flow through density and viscosity variations, and medium properties through dissolution, precipitation, clogging or fracturing. The aim of this session is to discuss new experimental, numerical, and theoretical approaches to quantify transport, mixing and reaction phenomena and their coupling at scales ranging from pores to reservoirs/watersheds. This includes i) transport and dispersion of solutes, nano-particles and colloids in saturated and unsaturated media, multiphase and variable density flows, ii) fluid mixing processes involved in contaminant transport, (bio)remediation, geothermal systems, CO2 sequestration, freshwater/saline water interfaces and hyporheic zone biogeochemistry, iii) coupled transport and reaction processes governing dissolution, precipitation, fracturing and biofilm dynamics.

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