Shallow water flow modeling, sediment transport and morphodynamics of rivers and coastal environments


Dimitri Lague, OSUR, France
Philippe Steer, OSUR, France


Predicting fluid flow in rivers and coastal environments is critical to hazards mitigation, ecosystem management and understanding landscape dynamics. Yet, coupling hydrodynamics (2D or 3D), sediment transport, and even biology over a computational domain that dynamically evolves under the influence of erosion, transport and deposition remains challenging. Similarly, model designs can vary greatly to address issues such as grain transport and bedform dynamics, coastal response to sea level change over the next century or even basic instabilities in rivers (braiding, meandering) developing over millennial timescales.

This session welcomes abstracts addressing the above issues, and placing them in the context of fundamental research in geomorphology or applied topics. We hope to bring a mix of computational scientists, physicists and quantitative geomorphologists in a session bridging the gap between communities that may be disconnected because of separate timescales (days vs centuries) or aquatic environments (rivers vs coasts).

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