Sessions Videos

Some of the sessions of the auditorium have been recorded. With the agreement of the speakers and their willingness to share, the following videos have been made avialable.


Reed Maxwell, Unraveling plant water sources and transpiration partitioning using computational hydrology

Hugo Delottier
, A groundwater model as a benchmark for a fully-integrated supra-regional-scale hydrological modeling

David Hyndman
, Simulating the Effects of Changes in Climate and Land Use on Streamflow and Groundwater Storage in the Midwestern United States

Camille Minaudo,
High temporal resolution eutrophication modelling in regional hydrographic networks

Ingo Heidbüechel
, On the shape of transit time distributions

Paolo Benettin,
New advances in the catchment-scale formulation of transport processes


Ciaran Harman, StorAge Selection functions as a subgrid parameterization of groundwater transport in watersheds – progress and challenges

Tamara Kolbe
, A new quantitative framework for inferring the location and extend of denitrification zones in aquifers

Camille Vautier
, Using a catchment-scale model to predict spatio-temporal evolution of water quality and assess watershed vulnerability

We are thankful to Alain Crenn, from the pôle audiovisuel of  the Inria center of Rennes for having recorded and edited the videos

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