Award Winners

Poster Winners

Zach Perzan, Stanford University. Short-Term Water Quality Forecasting with Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Networks (abstract)

Riccardo Sprocati, Technical University of Denmark. NP-Phreeqc-EK: a Multidimensional Multiphysics Simulator for Electrokinetic Transport and Biogeochemical Reactions in Porous Media (abstract)

Young Researcher Presenter Winners

Pramod Bhuvankar, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Pore-Scale Simulations of Permeability Decline in Porous Media Due to Fines Migration (abstract)

Jakub Both, University of Bergen.  Robust Block-Partitioned Solvers for Poroviscoelasticity (abstract)

Francesco Della Santa,  Politecnico di Torino. Graph Informed Neural Networks for Flux Regression in Discrete Fracture Networks (abstract)

Lishen He, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A Multi-Space-Time-Scale Generalized FEM with Transient Local Problems(T-GFEMgl) for Parabolic and Hyperbolic Problems (abstract)

Alessandro Lenci, University of Bologna. Monte Carlo Approach to Assessing the Influence of Aperture Variability on Non-Newtonian Fracture Flow (abstract)

Chiyu Xie, University of Texas. Non-Wetting Droplet Oscillation and Displacement by Viscoelastic Fluids (abstract)

Simon Zech, University of Erlangen. Modeling the Interaction of Reactive Transport, Biofilm Development and Solid Structure in Porous Media (abstract)