Plenary Talks


Session: Complexity in the subsurface: characterization and transport phenomena (Vittorio Di Federico & Yves Méheust)

  • 120 Alessandro Lenci, Valentina Ciriello, Luca Chiapponi, Sandro Longo and Vittorio Di Federico. Models for Non-Newtonian Flowback in an Elastic Fracture (abstract)
  • 124 Alessandro Lenci, Clément Roques, Yves Meheust and Vittorio Di Federico. Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in Geological Rough Fractures: Lubrication Approximation Versus Direct 3D Simulations (abstract)
  • 108 Federico Municchi and Matteo Icardi. Numerical Methods for the Upscaling of Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media (abstract)
  • 25 Lisa Maria Ringel, Márk Somogyvári, Mohammadreza Jalali and Peter Bayer. Characterization of Discrete Fracture Networks by Invasive Tomographic Methods (abstract)
  • 111 Christopher Bowers and Cass Miller. A New Theoretical Basis for Macroscale Modeling of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Porous Media Developed Using the Thermodynamically Constrained Averaging Theory (TCAT) (abstract)
  • 206 Chiyu Xie, Pengpeng Qi, Ke Xu and Matthew Balhoff. Non-Wetting Droplet Oscillation and Displacement by Viscoelastic Fluids (abstract)

Session: Data centric simulation and modeling (Valentina Ciriello & Daniel M. Tartakovsky)

  • 140 Matteo Icardi. Robust Molecular Communication in Porous Media (abstract)
  • 88 Sourav Dutta, Matthew Farthing, Emma Perracchione, Mario Putti and Gaurav Savant. Data-Driven Approaches for Reduced Order Modeling of Shallow Water Equations
  • 121 Alessandro Lenci, Yves Méheust and Vittorio Di Federico. Monte Carlo Approach to Assessing the Influence of Aperture Variability on Non-Newtonian Fracture Flow (abstract)
  • 145 Hugo Delottier, Rene Therrien and Daniel Paradis. Predicting Baseflow at the Basin Scale with an Integrated Surface and Subsurface Flow Model (abstract)
  • 112 Luk Peeters and Tim Munday. Iterative Updating of Conceptualisation in Probabilistic Groundwater Prospectivity Mapping (abstract)
  • 57 Xueyuan Kang, Amalia Kokkinaki, Xiaoqing Shi, Jonghyun Lee and Peter Kitanidis. Combining self-potential signals and hydraulic/partitioning tracer tomography to improve contaminant source characterization (abstract)

Session: Multiphase flow in porous media (Avinoam Rabinovich)

  • 48 Amir Kohanpur and Albert Valocchi. Improving Capabilities of Pore-Network Modeling for Drainage and Imbibition Processes by Direct Numerical Simulation (abstract)
  • 147 Sarah Gasda, Abay Kassa, Florin Radu and Kundan Kumar. Numerical Simulation of CO2 Migration with Dynamic Constitutive Functions Due to Wettability Alteration (abstract)
  • 90 Kelsey Bruning, Casey Miller and Matthew Farthing. Numerical Solution of a New Generation of Two-Fluid Flow Models (abstract)
  • 102 Trine Solberg Mykkeltvedt, Sarah E Gasda and Tor Harald Sandve. CO2 Convection in Hydrocarbon Under Flowing Conditions (abstract)
  • 50 Avinoam Rabinovich and Evans Anto-Darkwah. An Efficient Procedure for Estimating Sub-Core Permeability Distribution Using Data from Multiple Coreflooding Experiments (abstract)
  • 30 Amir Golparvar, Matthias Kaestner and Martin Thullenr. High-Resolution Modelling of Microbial Degradation in Unsaturated Porous Media (abstract)

Session: Multiphysics problems, coupling methods and domain decomposition in space and time

  • 164 Zexuan Xu, Sergi Molins, Dipankar Dwivedi, Ilhan Özgen-Xian, Erica Siirila-Woodburn, Daniil Svyatsky, David Moulton and Carl Steefel. Ecosystem-Based Modeling for Understanding of Integrated Hydrology and Geochemistry Processes in a Mountainous Watershed
  • 150 Mario Morales-Hernández, M. Bulbul Sharif, Shih-Chieh Kao and Katherine J. Evans. A Computationally Efficient Wet/Dry Front Tracking Technique for Large-Scale Multi-GPU Hydrodynamic Modeling (abstract)
  • 91 Danyang Su, K. Ulrich Mayer and Kerry T.B. MacQuarrie. 3D Numerical Evaluation of Dissolved Oxygen Ingress into Deep Sedimentary Basins During Glaciation Events (abstract)
  • 59 Susana Roque-Malo, Praveen Kumar and Jennifer Druhan. CrunchREWT: a Coupled Reactive Transport and Root Exudation Modeling Approach to Biogeochemical Interactions in the Critical Zone (abstract)
  • 44 Ziyan Wang and Ilenia Battiato. A Deep Learning Approach for Reactive Transport in Multiscale Fracture Networks (abstract)
  • 6 Bowen Ling and Ilenia Battiato. A Novel Numerical Algorithm for Solving the Closure Problem in Homogenization (abstract)
  • 2 Fred Tracy, Ghada Ellithy, Martin Schultz, Jodi Ryder, Benjamin Breland, Chris Massey and Maureen Corcoran. The Effect of Soil Deformation on Transient Seepage and Slope Stability Analyses Using High Performance Computing (abstract)

Session: Mixing and Reaction: Heterogeneous Porous and Fractured Media (Marco Dentz)

  • 123 Maria Klepikova, Clement Roques, Yves Meheust and Niklas Linde. Sensitivity Analysis of Heat Transport in Self-Affine Rough Fractures (abstract)
  • 27 Paolo Trinchero, Alvaro Sáinz-Garcia, Jan-Olof Selroos and Martin Stigsson. Transport in Fractured Media: Discrete Fracture Network Vs. Equivalent Porous Media Approach (abstract)
  • 39 Delphine Roubinet, Marco Dentz and Philippe Gouze. Particle-Based Methods for Simulating the Propagation and (Bio)Degradation of Contaminants in Heterogeneous Fractured Porous Media (abstract)
  • 110 Klaus Mosthaf, Massimo Rolle, Jens Aamand and Peter R. Jørgensen. 3D Modeling Investigations of Vertical Solute Transport Through Fractured Clayey Tills (abstract)
  • 131 Zhi Li, Alejandro Queiruga and Matthew Reagan. Multi-Well Interference in Hydraulically Fractured Gas Reservoirs (abstract)
  • 46 Israel Cañamón Valera, Tawfik Rajeh, Rachid Ababou and Manuel Marcoux. A Graph Approach to Flow Calculation in 3D Discrete Fracture Networks
  • 72 Arash Massoudieh and Marco Dentz. Upscaling Non-Linear Reactive Transport in a Correlated Velocity Field (abstract)
  • 65 Stephan Gärttner, Nadja Ray and Peter Frolkovič. Efficiency and Accuracy of Micro-Macro Models for Mineral Dissolution/Precipitation (abstract)

Session: Data-centric simulations and modeling: Uncertainty Quantification (Harry Lee)

  • 113 Sergey Oladyshkin, Felix Beckers, Ilja Kroeker, Farid Mohammadi, Andres Heredia, Markus Noack, Bernd Flemisch, Silke Wieprecht and Wolfgang Nowak. Uncertainty Quantification Using Bayesian Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos for Computationally Demanding Environmental Modelling: Conventional, Sparse and Adaptive Strategy (abstract)
  • 22 Ana Gonzalez-Nicolas, Jonas Allgeier, Daniel Erdal, Wolfgang Nowak and Olaf Cirpka. Optimal Design of Field Campaigns to Find Groundwater Divides with Scarce Availability of Data (abstract)
  • 95 Lijing Wang, Troels Norvin Vilhelmsen and Jef Caers. Local Decision Making Through Understanding of Multi-Scale Uncertainty: Application to Well Catchment Protections in Denmark (abstract)
  • 202 Alisha Rodriguez, Stephen Maples, Brad T. Gooch and Laura Foglia. Analysis of Variance of Results in Geostatistical Models (abstract)
  • 207 David Barajas-Solano and Alexandre Tartakovsky. Sparse Approximate Bayesian Inference for Model Inversion (abstract)
  • 38 Noemi Petra. Propagation of Uncertainty from Data to Inference for Large-Scale Inverse Problems with Application to Ice Sheet Flow

Session: Multiphysics problems, coupling methods and domain decomposition in space and time (Jan Nordbotten, Kundan Kumar and Nicola Castelletto)

  • 15 Quan Bui, Daniel Osei-Kuffuor, Nicola Castelletto and Joshua White. A Multigrid Reduction Framework for Flow in Porous and Fractured Media (abstract)
  • 144 Peleg Haruzi, Zhen Zhou, Louisa Hain, Jessica Schmäck, Richard Hoffmann, Behzad Pouladi, Jérôme de La Bernardie, Jan Vanderborght, Harry Vereecken, Jan van der Kruk and Anja Klotzsche. The Potential of Time-Lapse GPR Full-Waveform Inversion as High Resolution Imaging Technique for Salt, Heat, and Ethanol Transport (abstract)
  • 58 Julia T. Camargo, Joshua A. White and Ronaldo I. Borja. Stabilized Finite Element-Finite Volume Scheme for Multiphase Poromechanics (abstract)
  • 79 Edward Coltman, Katharina Heck, Martin Schneider and Rainer Helmig. The Soil-Atmosphere Interface: Experimental and Numerical Model Development (abstract)
  • 98 Erlend Storvik, Jakub Wiktor Both, Kundan Kumar, Jan Martin Nordbotten and Florin Adrian Radu. Efficient Splitting Schemes for Poroelasticity (abstract)
  • 169 David Moulton, Scott Painter, Sergi Molins, Xingyuan Chen, Reed Maxwell, Laura Condon, David Gochis, Steve Smith and Hai Ah Nam. IDEAS-Watersheds: Productivity and Sustainability in a Community-Driven Software Ecosystem for Watershed Science (abstract)

Session: Data-centric simulations and modeling

  • 191 Jian Luo and Yue Zhao. An Upscaling Bayesian Geostatistical Approach for Large-Dimensional Inverse Problems (abstract)
  • 189 Hongkyu Yoon. Graph-Based Multiscale Network and Flow Model for Shale Energy Production (abstract)
  • 143 Velimir Vesselinov. Predicting Oil and Gas Production from Unconventional Tight-Rock Reservoirs Using Machine Learning (abstract)
  • 36 Roman Khotyachuk and Klaus Johannsen. Big Data Simulation and Analysis of Numerical Solutions of the Elder Problem (abstract)
  • 19 John Golden. Quantum-Computational Hydrological Inverse Analysis
  • 13 Daniel O’Malley. Differentiable Programming: Bridging the Gap Between Numerical Models and Machine Learning Models

Session: Multiphase flow in porous media

  • 21 Stefano Nardean, Massimiliano Ferronato and Ahmad Abushaikha. Block preconditioning for the efficient solution of MHFE multiphase flow in porous media (abstract)

Session: Multiphysics problems, coupling methods and domain decomposition in space and time (Jan Nordbotten, Kundan Kumar and Nicola Castelletto)

  • 234 Etienne Ahusborde, Brahim Amaziane and Mohamed Id Moulay. Fully Implicit Scheme for Two-Phase Reactive Flows in Porous Media : Application to Carbon Storage (abstract)
  • 203 David Santillan, Ruben Juanes, Juan Carlos Mosquera and Luis Cueto-Felgueroso. The Nucleation and Rupture of Injection-Induced Earthquakes: the Impact of Fault Permeability (abstract)
  • 165 Saro Meguerdijian, Joshua White and Birendra Jha. Thermoporomechanical Effects of CO2 Injection on Caprock Sealing Integrity in Geologic Storage (abstract)
  • 158 Kundan Kumar, Vivette Girault and Mary Wheeler. Coupled Flow and Mechanics in Fractured Porous Media (abstract)
  • 139 Andrea Borio, Nicola Castelletto, François Hamon, Antoine Mazuyer, Randolph Settgast, Hamdi Tchelepi and Joshua White. Mixed Hybrid Finite-Volume and Virtual Element Formulation for Coupled Poromechanics (abstract)
  • 107 Jakub W. Both, Kundan Kumar, Jan M. Nordbotten and Florin A. Radu. Robust Block-Partitioned Solvers for Poroviscoelasticity (abstract)

Session: Mixing and Reaction: Pore Scale (Delphine Roubinet)

  • 75 Peter Knabner and Stephan Gärttner. Incorporating Truly Microscopic Information into Macroscopic Reactive Transport Models by the Micro-Macro Model Approach
  • 18 Simon Zech, Nadja Ray and Alexander Prechtel. Modeling the Interaction of Reactive Transport, Biofilm Development and Solid Structure in Porous Media (abstract)
  • 179 Ankun Wang, Bowen Ling and Ilenia Battiato. Concentration Hotspot and Its Dynamic Behaviour Under Time-Varying Boundary Conditions (abstract)
  • 130 Heewon Jung and Christof Meile. Reactive Transport Modeling of Microbial Interactions Under Various Flow Conditions (abstract)
  • 233 Po-Wei Huang, Bernd Flemisch, Chao-Zhong Qin, Martin Saar and Anozie Ebigbo. Investigating Spatial Scaling Effects of Reactive Transport in Porous Media Using a Pore-Network Model (abstract)
  • 23 Lazaro J. Perez, Alexandre Puyguiraud, Juan J. Hidalgo, Joaquin Jimenez-Martinez, Rishi Parashar and Marco Dentz. Impact of Flow Heterogeneities on Mixing-Controlled Reactions Using Pore-Scale Modeling and Experimental Data (abstract)
  • 134 Takeshi Kurotori, Christopher Zahasky, Sally Benson and Ronny Pini. Description of Chemical Transport in Laboratory Rock Cores Using the Continuous Time Random Walk Formalism (abstract)
  • 157 Yanbin Gong, Mohammad Sedghi and Mohammad Piri. Solute Transport in Disordered Porous Media: a Dynamic Pore-Network Modeling Approach (abstract)

Session: Multiscale Data (Haruko Wainwright & Xingyuan Chen)

  • 210 P. James Dennedy-Frank, Fadji Maina, Ate Visser and Erica Siirila-Woodburn. Understanding Sierra Nevada-Central Valley Hydrologic Links by Combining Integrated Hydrologic Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Isotope Measurements (abstract)
  • 177 Erica Siirila-Woodburn, Fadji Z. Maina, Alan Rhoades, Pouya Vahmani, Peter James Dennedy-Frank, Michelle Newcomer, Zexuan Xu and Carl Steefel. Watershed Responses to Climate Change: Using Integrated Hydrology Simulations to Determine a “New Normal” (abstract)
  • 76 Jan Vanderborght, Valentin Couvreur, Félicien Meunier and Mathieu Javaux. From Root Networks to Macroscopic Representations of Root Water Uptake in Landsurface and Soil Hydraulic Models. (abstract)
  • 61 Lishen He, Albert Valocchi and Armando Duarte. A Multi-Space-Time-Scale Generalized FEM with Transient Local Problems(T-GFEMgl) for Parabolic and Hyperbolic Problems (abstract)
  • 42 Xiaojing Fu, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso and Ruben Juanes. Impact of Gravity Fingering on Deep Drainage in Arid Environments

Session: Integration of multiscale spatiotemporal data for hydrological simulations and predictions

  • 221 Thomas Harter, Giorgos Kourakos, Chris Henri, Mehrdad Bastani and Nick Santos. MANTIS: an Online Groundwater Nonpoint Source Pollution Decision Support System (abstract)
  • 153 James Stagge. A Bayesian Hurdle Model to Improve Normalized Meteorological Drought Indices (abstract)
  • 148 Daniel Caviedes-Voullième, Ebrahim Ahmadinia and Christoph Hinz. The Influence of Microtopography and Time-Dependant Infiltration on Rainfall-Runoff Partitioning (abstract)

Session: Reactive Transport (Arash Massoudieh)

  • 77 Riccardo Sprocati and Massimo Rolle. Electrokinetic Enhanced Bioremediation of Chlorinated Compounds in Low-Permeability Porous Media: a Process-Based Modeling Study (abstract)
  • 73 Rainer Helmig and Peter Knabner. Adaptive Modeling Across Scales for Flow and Reactive Transport Problems in Porous Media
  • 71 Tobias Elbinger and Peter Knabner. Efficient Numerical Approximation of Micro-Macro Models for Complex Reactive Transport Problems in Porous Media
  • 66 David Landa-Marbán, Svenn Tveit, Kundan Kumar and Sarah Eileen Gasda. Modeling and Simulations of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation (abstract)
  • 106 Allan M. M. Leal, Svetlana Kyas, Dmitrii A. Kulik and Martin O. Saar. Ultra-Fast Geochemical Calculations in Reactive Transport Modeling with on-Demand Learning Algorithms (abstract)
  • 7 Bowen Ling, Simonetta Rubol and Ilenia Battiato. Predicting Algal Bloom: the Evolution of Benthic Algae in Riverine Systems (abstract)
  • 94 D. Brian Rogers, Michelle Newcomer, Jonathan Raberg, Dipankar Dwivedi, Carl Steefel, Nicholas Bouskill, Peter Nico, Patricia Fox, Mark Conrad, Markus Bill, Eoin Brodie, Nicola Falco, Kenneth Williams and Susan Hubbard. Modeling Hydrological and Geochemical Controls on Nitrogen Retention in Riparian Hollows (abstract)
  • 8 Swamini Khurana, Falk Heße, Anke Hildebrandt and Martin Thullner. Reactive Transport Simulations Reveal the Influence of Spatio-Temporal Heterogeneities on Biogeochemical Cycling in the Subsurface (abstract)

Session: Multiphase flow in porous media (Avinoam Rabinovich)

  • 167 Marco Berardi, Fabio Difonzo, Costantino Masciopinto and Michele Vurro. Shooting the Numerical Solution of Linearized Moisture Flow Equation with Root Water Uptake Models (abstract)
  • 53 Ziv Moreno and Avinoam Rabinovich. Core Scale Heterogeneity Effects on Meter Scale Capillary Trapping of Carbon Dioxide (abstract)
  • 192 Yu Chen, Qinjun Kang, Albert Valocchi and Hari Viswanathan. A New Generation of Lattice Boltzmann Code for Pore-Scale Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Complex Geometry with Consideration of Inertial Effects (abstract)
  • 142 Pramod Bhuvankar, Abdullah Cihan and Jens Birkholzer. Pore-Scale Simulations of Permeability Decline in Porous Media Due to Fines Migration (abstract)
  • 87 Abdullah Cihan, Tetsu Tokunaga and Jens Birkholzer. Modeling Water Vapor Adsorption and Condensation in Macroscopic Nanoporous Media Using a Square-Gradient Density Functional Approach (abstract)

Session: Data-centric simulations and modeling: Machine Learning (Harry Lee)

  • 100 Stefano Berrone, Francesco Della Santa, Antonio Mastropietro, Sandra Pieraccini and Francesco Vaccarino. Graph Informed Neural Networks for Flux Regression in Discrete Fracture Networks (abstract)
  • 125 Maruti Mudunuru, Velimir Vesselinov, Bulbul Ahmmed, Jeffrey Pepin, Erick Burns, Daniel Livingston, Satish Karra and Richard Middleton. Machine Learning for Geothermal Resource Analysis and Exploration (abstract)
  • 92 Mojtaba Forghani, Jonghyun Lee, Yizhou Qian, Matthew Farthing, Tyler Hesser, Peter Kitanidis and Eric Darve. Application of Deep Learning to Large Scale Riverine Bathymetry and Surface Flow Velocity Estimation (abstract)
  • 225 Peter Rivera, Daniel Martinez, Tyler Hesser and Matthew Farthing. Physics Informed Machine Learning for Hydrodynamic Modeling in Coastal Environments (abstract)
  • 199 Yizhou Qian, Jonghyun Harry Lee, Mojtaba Forghani, Matthew Farthing, Ty Hesser, Peter Kitanidis and Eric Darve. Deep Learning Based Spatial Interpolation Methods for Nearshore Bathymetry with Sparse Measurements (abstract)
  • 208 Catherine Peters and Julie Kim. Synchrotron-Based Machine Learning Approach for Raster (SMART) Mineral Mapping and Applications for Reactive Transport Modeling (abstract)

Session: Miscellaneous

  • 215 Souheil Ezzedine, Oleg Vorobiev, Tarabay Antoun and William Walter. Uncertainty Propagation and Stochastic Interpretation of Shear Motion Generation due to Underground Chemical Explosions in Jointed Rock (abstract)
  • 216 Souheil Ezzedine, Luke Oman, David Dearborn, Paul Miller and Megan Syal. Asteroids Impacting Earth’s Oceans: Tsunami Generation, Consequences on Coastlines, and Potential Global Climate Effects (abstract)
  • 217 Souheil Ezzedine, Tarabay Antoun and William Walter. Numerical Simulation of Flow, Heat and Chemical Transport Processes in Volcanic Chambers Partially Filled with Molten Rock (abstract)
  • 230 Francisco Carrillo and Ian Bourg. Multiphase Flow Modelling in Multiscale Deformable Porous Media: an Open-Sourced Micro-Continuum Approach (abstract)
  • 214 Ian Shirley, Baptiste Dafflon, Haruko Wainwright, Zelalem Mekonnen, Bhavna Arora, William Riley and Susan Hubbard. Using a Bayesian Network to Identify Modeled Controls on Non-Growing Season Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in the Arctic (abstract)
  • 212 Haruko Wainwright, Erica Siirila-Woodburn, Baptiste Dafflon, Zexuan Xu, Carlos Oroza and Susan Hubbard. Simulation-Based Co-Design Strategy for Hydrological Monitoring Network Optimization
  • 181 Luis Cueto-Felgueroso. Modeling Flow and Transport in Unsaturated Heterogeneous Soil: Pore-Scale Processes and Continuum Theories
  • 174 Michelle Newcomer, Dipankar Dwivedi, John N. Christensen, Nicholas Bouskill, Peter Nico, Ulrich Maier, Kenneth Williams, Carl Steefel and Susan Hubbard. Snowmelt Controls on Microbial and Biogeochemical Processes Within the River Corridor Impacting Watershed Exports (abstract)
  • 162 Ethan Coon, Julien Loiseau, Mario Morales-Hernandez, Wael Elwasif, Himanshu Pillai, Irina Demeshko and J. David Moulton. Toward Hyper-Resolution Ecohydrology at ExaScale (abstract)
  • 161 Pratanu Roy, Stephen Castonguay, Yunwei Sun, Hom Sharma and Elizabeth Glascoe. Modeling Sorption-Diffusion of Moisture in a Multi-Material System: a Finite Volume Approach (abstract)
  • 156 Jason Davison and Grace Pooley. Anacostia River Watershed Modeling (abstract)
  • 135 Mohammad Sedghi, Yanbin Gong and Mohammad Piri. Pore-to-Core up-Scaling of Two-Phase Flow Processes in Mixed-Wet Porous Media Using Dynamic Pore Network Modeling (abstract)
  • 132 Bradley McCaskill and Mohammad Piri. Thermodynamically Consistent Pore-Scale Modeling of Two-Phase Flow in Digital Representations of Disordered Porous Media (abstract)
  • 122 Martin Dugstad, Kundan Kumar and Øystein Pettersen. Uspcaling of Multiphase Enhanced Oil Recovery Models in Fractured Porous Media (abstract)
  • 114 Rainer Helmig and Kilian Weishaupt. Advanced Modelling Concepts for Coupling Free Flow with Porous-Media Flow
  • 85 Ahmad Askar, Jakub Solovsky and Tissa Illangasekare. Leakage from Deep Geologic Formations in Carbon Sequestration: Source Uncertainty Eects in Plume Simulation (abstract)
  • 52 Chiara Pasut, Fiona Tang and Federico Maggi. Spatial GHG Emissions and Nutrients Availability in Wetlands Under Different Climate and Nutrient Scenarios (abstract)
  • 31 Hakim Benabderrahmane, Olivier Besson, Jaouhar Kerrou, Laurent Tacher and Pierre Perrochet. Integrated Surface/Subsurface Flow Modelling to Investigate Deep Geological Disposal Site for Radioactive Wastes. Cigéo Project – France (abstract)
  • 24 Matthias Cremon, Nicola Castelletto and Joshua White. Multi-Stage Preconditioners for Thermal-Compositional Flow in Porous Media (abstract)

Session: Posters

  • 67 Sara Focaccia, Giulio Panini, Pietro Pedrazzoli and Valentina Ciriello. Coupling Contamination and Climate Change Risk Assessment in Groundwater Basins to Guide Sustainable Management Strategies (abstract)
  • 32 Giulia Libero, Tommaso Letterio, Stefano Raimondi, Roberto Genovesi, Vittorio Di Federico and Valentina Ciriello. Irrigation Channels-Groundwater Interaction: a Meta-Modeling Framework to Support Water Saving in Agriculture (abstract)
  • 84 Zach Perzan, Tristan Babey, John Bargar and Kate Maher. Short-Term Water Quality Forecasting with Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Networks (abstract)
  • 231 Ziqi Li, Qina Yang, Haruko Wainwright, Baptiste Dafflon and Tetsu Tokunaga. Real-Time ET Estimation Based on Soil Moisture Sensor Array
  • 222 Young-Ho Seo, Massimo Rolle, Peter Kitanidis and Jonghyun Harry Lee. Hydraulic Conductivity Upscaling for High Dimensional Groundwater Flow Model
  • 126 Matteo Cusini, Nicola Castelletto, Randy Settgast and Joshua A. White. Fully-Coupled Simulation of Multiphase Poromechanics in Porous Media with Embedded Fractures (abstract)
  • 109 Simon Zech, Alice Lieu, Alexander Prechtel, Nadja Ray and Raphael Schulz. Soils in Silico – Solutes, Ions, Biofilms and Structure Formation (abstract)
  • 83 Maria Battistel, Jonghyun Lee, Muhammad Muniruzzaman and Massimo Rolle. Imaging the Spatial Distribution of Geochemical Heterogeneities in Porous Media: Flow-Through Experiments and Inverse Reactive Transport Modeling (abstract)
  • 78 Riccardo Sprocati, Massimo Rolle, Matteo Masi and Muhammad Muniruzzaman. NP-Phreeqc-EK: a Multidimensional Multiphysics Simulator for Electrokinetic Transport and Biogeochemical Reactions in Porous Media (abstract)
  • 172 Chunwei Chou, Luca Peruzzo and Yuxin Wu. Improving Evapotranspiration Computation with Spatial Hydrogeophysical Monitoring (abstract)
  • 104 Jonghyun Harry Lee, Sanghyun Lee, Chao Chen and Eric Darve. Large-Scale Coastal Aquifer Permeability Characterization Accelerated by Enriched Galerkin Finite Element Method and Parallel Fast Multipole Method
  • 187 Qina Yan, Haruko Wainwright, Carl Steefel, Baptiste Dafflon, Sebastian Uhlemann, Nicola Falco and Susan Hubbard. Predicting Soil Thickness by Integrating Land Surface and Sub-Surface Heterogeneities (abstract)
  • 200 Marco Dentz, Adama Creppy and Harold Auradou. Upscaling of Bacteria Dispersion in Porous Media Flow (abstract)
  • 201 Ulrich Kelka, Thomas Poulet, Stefan Westerlund and Luk Peeters. Permeability Contrasts of Fault Zones – from Conceptual Model to Numerical Simulation (abstract)
  • 89 Tristan Babey, Kristin Boye, Zach Perzan, John Bargar and Kate Maher. Simulation of Biogeochemical Cycling in Alluvial Aquifers (abstract)